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Get maximum ROI on Employee Training

An untrained employee can take up to six times longer to perform a task in comparison to trained employees. So organization should focus on following aspect of training and investment made behind it. Technical training through e-learning Offering training in a new technology will help your business competitive, current and on top of other business […]

How To Reduce Your Hiring Budget

Every new employee who joins the company will modify the talent pool.  But while hiring new people you also have to keep your budget in check. There are two types of hiring costs- direct hiring costs which include calculating specific spending made on services or goods used to recruit employees and there is an indirect […]

How to keep employees motivated?

Employees that are highly motivated are more productive in their work and delivered better quality work. The most challenging task to keep your employees motivated throughout days, weeks, months and years. Individuals not only vary in their skills but also in their willingness to do a particular job. Employees have five level of needs – […]

How to find n number of candidates for your job opening?

The primary challenge for any job consultancy is to attract the number of applicants for the positions.  It is the first step towards the process of successful recruiting.   Here, we will see some of the strategies that can attract more candidates for the job position. Use social sites for head hunt Searching people with high […]

How to control attrition in a Company

Employee’s attrition is a common problem that is faced by any organization, and it is inevitable for any organization.  The only solution an organization can have to deal with this problem is to reduce the attrition rate.  Here we have listed some possible solution that can help to reduce the attrition rate. Offering fair remuneration […]

Importance of Employment Background Check

Importance of Employment Background Check Starting a business is a process that takes a lot of time and planning. Employment background check may be thought of as intrusive, but to keep the company protected in future, it is best to adapt this check. This helps the employer to find out if the details given in […]

What is Performance Review & How it helps the Company

Shaun was working for a private company, but his manager identified that Shaun was not able to give satisfactory output.  Shaun was confronted many times by his manager related to his performance issue but was unable to identify the exact area for improvement. It was during his performance review, manager figured out that he might […]