Get maximum ROI on Employee Training

An untrained employee can take up to six times longer to perform a task in comparison to trained employees.

So organization should focus on following aspect of training and investment made behind it.

Technical training through e-learning

Offering training in a new technology will help your business competitive, current and on top of other business competitors. With all learning resource available online, training staff for new technology should not be a huge cost to a company when compared to hiring professional.

Creating standard SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

Using standard SOP will be helpful in a condition where spending big amount for the training session is not advisable, especially for Startup Company.  You can use the SOP document for your regular training needs.

Find trainers within your organization

For internal training instead of hiring skilled professional, use your experienced employee who can train new staff and also train those in groups which help to minimize the training cost.

Hire trained employees

When it comes to hiring freshers, atleast try to look for those employees that have received at least a portion of their training previously through their staffing agency or some other sources.

Instead of making their mind stone make it sponge

Learning style of each individual is different. It’s important to figure out how your employee learns best, and only then design the training activities that caters their preferred learning style.  The common learning style is divided into four segments visual, auditory, kinesthetic (learn by doing) and reading/writing preferences.


Ask- employee, Ask- experts

Ask your employee about the training they required and how it will help them to improve their performance capabilities. You can also ask your in-house training experts to see what new programs they will be offering.

Prepare an Audio script

Incase where training program is broad and in detail, record that conversation to audio script, it helps the learner to understand the concept thoroughly at their comfort. The biggest advantage of  Audio script is that it allows to replay the script as many times as you want.

Set up forums and join community groups

With forum discussion online as well as offline with the experts during free hours will help new bee to get their hands on the areas they need to excel.  They will have some useful tips that they won’t be able to get from any other training programs.

Train the top-notch

When training for all is not feasible, picking up one particular employee who’s a good presenter can be a good deal.  Send that person to attend the training program, when he comes back can train the others in what he learned.

Administer small doses and regular feedback

Sometimes all the training effort you invested will go in vain if your employee is not able to catch the training outcome.  Too much detailed and the long session may end up with nothing, it’s better to administer training program in a small portion and at regular intervals.  Time to time feedback is also important to check your investment for training program was worth.

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