How to find n number of candidates for your job opening?

The primary challenge for any job consultancy is to attract the number of applicants for the positions.  It is the first step towards the process of successful recruiting.   Here, we will see some of the strategies that can attract more candidates for the job position.

Use social sites for head hunt

Searching people with high profile and experience candidate in bulk takes a lot of research. The best way to do this is post job on social sites or through references through the network.

Build up your own database 

Another way to find more candidates is by building your own high profile candidate database including a list of companies and new joiners.  Have a consistent contact with these employees and get a reference from them. Share your email and contact details if it is necessary

Activate your network

Job market is still tight, so by spreading word about the position to fellow employees or colleagues is the best way to target maximum candidates

Write a job description that sells

More the job views, more the applicants. To mark your presence and getting your job description noticed online is very important to attract maximum employees. For that go online and look for the job that catches your attention in a pool of job posted, analyze what is unique in it and try implementing it in your next job post.


Track your job posting

It’s important to know whether your job posting is ideal for attracting maximum candidates. By using tool like “Job Posting Performance Report”, it will give the report of whether your job post method is appropriate or not and also give you the recommendation to improve job post

Rank high on search result pages

Usually candidate will click on top two or three websites listed on search engine webpage.  For better page ranking, it is crucial that you include the position keyword in your job posting. Keep your job title as clear as possible.

Optimise site for tablet and mobile

Most candidates nowadays carry a smartphone, so if your job site does not support these mobile devices, it will reduce the number of applicants.  For example, how long your website took to open on these devices

Make profile upload easier/flexible

Allow candidates to upload their profile with just a few clicks, instead of asking pages after pages to fill their past experience or history.  Give them option to pull their resume or profile from any other resources (social sites, email accounts, etc.)

Beside all these tips, continuous recruiting is the key for attracting more and more candidates.

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