How to keep employees motivated?

Employees that are highly motivated are more productive in their work and delivered better quality work. The most challenging task to keep your employees motivated throughout days, weeks, months and years. Individuals not only vary in their skills but also in their willingness to do a particular job.

Employees have five level of needs – Safety, Physiological, Ego, Self-Actualizing and Social Recognition. Based on these fives aspect employee can be kept motivated.

Here, we are going to analyze few general techniques that are adopted by a bigger as well as smaller organization to keep their employee engaged or motivated day-in and day-out.

  • Compensate employees: Support employee’s motivation by establishing reasonable compensation systems or perks at regular interval. You can also offer stock options it can act as a deferred compensation.
  • Assign special tasks: By assigning special tasks to employees you make them feel more important.
  • Acknowledge professional achievement: The acknowledgment of a task done well by upper management or the owner of the company will mean more to an employee
  • Help employee fulfill career goals: Listen to your employees and figure out what employees needs are and the company in general.
  • Understand the gap between employees ability and willingness to work: Allocate work to employees that not only fits his ability to do that job but also his willingness to do


  • Holding an after work happy hour: Include a happy hour session twice a week, where all team members involve to complete some activity
  • Work on the four objectives: Identify employees four objective – personal objective, organizational objective, societal objective and functional objective
  • Listen to your employees: Sometimes employees want that you are having listening ears to solve their problem other time they just want a sympathetic ear
  • Respect your employees: Believe it or not you are in the business of growing people. You’re all attempt to keep your employees motivated will go in vain if you don’t respect them. Be considerate to accept their opinions and views
  • Ensure job security: Ensure the security of their job and let them feel that it is their organization
  • Keep your doors open: Make your employees feel that your door are always open for them to share idea and opinion
  • Employees lack interest in the subject matter: An interested employee is likely to take actions and would work harder to perform it. Allocate the work that is of interest to particular employee
  • Effective Mentoring: Employees are more susceptible to get demotivated in the absence of proper mentors, so a right mention is essential to keep team motivated
  • Remote work place: If possible provide remote work place to your employee. In addition you can also give them flexible work hour once or twice a week.


As an employer, motivating employees is a continuous process of rewarding, recognizing, encouraging and engaging the workforce.  All the strategies and tips mentioned here are designed keeping this aspect in mind.

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